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Jan Pienkowski U & I - Album ONO Records 002 [collapse]

ONO 002
Jan Pienkowski - U & I
Released: 2007.02
Style: Techno, Electro and Classical Music.

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U & I features 11 songs spanning a mix of techno, electro and classical music. The classical influences include Chopin, Puccini, Satie, Schubert and Stravinsky.

Fryderyk and I is a play on Fryderyk Chopin's Nocturne in Bb min, Op.9 No.1. The song reflects a dream where a piano note is suspended in time. Liu's Theme, sung by soprano Karin Côté, explores the "Signore, Ascolta" aria from Giacomo Puccini's Turandot opera - where Liu attempts to dissuade the prince she loves from taking Turandot's three riddle challenge. Pipe Dream is very loosely based on Erik Satie's 1st Gnossienne, contrasting the original piece's subtlety and gentleness with machine-like sounds and rhythms. Wandering Transmission catches the lost waves carrying Franz Schubert's Der Wanderer, while Oedipus Rex explores the rise and fall of Sophocles' tragic character through a mix of snippets from Stravinsky's opera oratorio of the same name.

Jan Pienkowski Telemarketer - EP ONO Records 001 [collapse]

Jan Pienkowski - Telemarketer EP
Label: ONO Records (ONO 001)
Released: 2006.06
Style: Techno, Tech House, Minimal, Acid

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Euterke Euterke EP Monsieur Musique [collapse]

Label: Euterke - Euterke EP
Label: Monsieur Musique (MMU 001)
Released: 2010

01. Fragments Oniriques Original Mix (5:51)
02. Alise Original Mix (7:08)
03. Fragments Oniriques Alexis Bowles Remix (6:12)
04. Fragments Oniriques Mateo Murphy Remix (6:13)
05. Fragments Oniriques Laforge Phantom Power Remix (6:05)
06. Fragments Oniriques Jan Pienkowski Remix (8:59)
07. Fragments Oniriques Lerobot Phantom Power Remix (4:39)

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Various Artists Pure - Music From The Film Finite Records [collapse]

Pure - Music From The Film
Released: 2006

01. Suns Of Arqa Cosmic Jugalbandi (DJ Guapo Remix) (5:25)
02. Quicksound Cold Winter (5:02)
03. Kenji Williams Rescue (5:16)
04. Chromeo You're So Gangsta (3:51)
05. Jan Pienkowski Little Samurai (2:45)
06. Mateo Murphy Small Packages (4:22)
07. Chris Brann No Room For Form (4:43)
08. Ian Pooley Me Leve (3:37)
09. Nuclear Ramjet Ibrator 328 (4:52)
10. Max Graham Coastline (4:54)
11. LSG Saviour (7:34)
12. Misstress Barbara Effet Karma (5:32)
13. Nouveau Purify (5:57)
14. Chris Brann No Room For Form (4:43)
15. Eloi Brunelle Profond (4:11)

Style: House, Techno, Downtempo, Electro
Format: CD, Compilation, Mixed

Music from the film Pure by Jim Donovan.

Various Artists Modular Systems FM CKUT 90.3 FM [collapse]

Modular Systems FM
Released: 2004

01. Pheek Derriere La Porte (5:51)
02. Naw Pale Snow Drift (7:08)
03. Noah Pred Forgiven (6:12)
04. Mike Shannon Slacker Jack (6:13)
05. Saul Paul Flying Waltz (6:05)
06. Zen Nakamura Samba House (8:59)
07. Jan Pienkowski Magog (4:39)

Modular Systems is a radio show on CKUT 90.3 FM dedicated to electronic music and culture in Montreal. The FM compilation consists of music by some of the artists who have appeared on the show.

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