A huge fan of films and visual media, Jan has been creating music and sound design for films and TV commercials for several years now. 2010-2011 will see the release of more projects. Below you will find a selection of his previous work.

The Hermitian Penny Film by Raphael Levy 2009 Sound Design / ADR / Mixing / Mastering [collapse]

The Hermitian Penny

Released: 2009
Duration: 15min / 23min (full version)
Directed By: Raphael Levy
Written By: Raphael Levy
Produced By: Elias Varoutsos, Raphael Levy

Cast: John Canoe, Sam Boucher, Juan Recent (as the Hermitian Penny)
Sound Design, ADR, Mixing and Mastering: Jan Pienkowski
Music: Paul Baraka
Director Of Photography: David Gascon

Shown at:

2010 Fantasia Film Festival
2009 Montreal International Film Festival


A Native American Shaman sets a penny on a journey in search of identity, acceptance and a place within society. Kicked around, stepped on, ignored. The penny survives through sleet and snow until a young boy picks it up and leads it to its fateful end. A story of changing perceptions and the way we view things.

SAT TV AD Ad by the SAT 2009 Music / Sound Design / Mixing / Mastering [collapse]

TV Advert for the SAT (Society for Arts and Technology)

Released: 2009
Duration: 15 seconds
Concept, Design and Animation: Benoit Massé
Music, Sound Design, Mixing and Mastering : Jan Pienkowski

Appeared on: ArtTV Channel for a few months in 2009


This is a animation made for the SAT(Society for Arts and Technology) in Montreal which was played on the ArtTV channel. It is a mix of stop motion and After FX CS4

SAT[Transform] TV AD Ad by the SAT 2009 Voice Recording / Sound Design / Mixing / Mastering [collapse]

TV Advert for the SAT (Society for Arts and Technology) Transform School

Released: 2009
Duration: 30 seconds
Concept, Video Shooting and Montage: Dominique
Voice Recording, Sound Design, Mixing and Mastering : Jan Pienkowski
Music: Matthew Burton

Appeared on: Various channels for a few months in 2009


This was an advert promoting the SAT(Society for Arts and Technology) Transform School.

Consultants Film by Florence So 2007 Music + Music / Sound Design / Mixing / Mastering for Trailer [collapse]

Consultants Trailer


Released: 2007
Duration: 17:45 min
Directed By: Florence So
Written By: Florence So

Sound Design, ADR, Mixing and Mastering: Kyle Stanfield
Music: Jan Pienkowski
Trailer Music, Sound Design, Mixing, Mastering: Jan Pienkowski
Director Of Photography: Michael Wees

MILICENT Sabine Monosiet
JEAN-PAUL Constantine Kourtidis
TED THE NEWBIE Alexandre Fournier
TOMMY Alex de la Cruz
MONICA Kathy Logan
VENKATA Balachandar Ganesan
SHRINK Alexandra Valassis

Shown at:

Three-year non-exclusive license sold to Movieola.
2009 - Broadcast on Propeller TV Sky Channel 195
2008 - Shown at London's Exploding Cinema
2007 - Premiered at the 2007 Accès Asie Festival at the NFB Cinema


"A slick, urban, uber-efficient, self-absorbed professional, Milicent Smart takes no prisoners in her daily stampede in the IT world. Except, as it turns out, herself, in a confluence of personal and professional circumstances that conspire against her. Backed into a corner, and forced to take a hard look at her ways, she catches a redeeming glimmer of hope in her gloomy reflection. Consultants takes us on a journey with Milicent as she surfs the curve of her life, and eventually hones her repentant self into the key to getting her life back." - Amjad Kayyal

De L'autre Côté Film by Sean Marckos 2007 Voice Cleanup, ADR, Sound Mixing for Trailer [collapse]

De L'autre Côté

Released: 2007
Duration: 90 min
Directed By: Sean Marckos
Written By: Sean Marckos

Music: Bobby Cyr
Trailer Voice Work and Sound Mixing: Jan Pienkowski
Director Of Photography: Mathieu Poirier

Starring: Vincent Marino, Julien Adams, Paul Boyer

Shown at:

2007 FAIF-AICAA International Film Festival - California, USA - Official Selection
2007 Big Island Film Festival - Hawaii, USA - The Golden Honu Award for Best Foreign Feature Film
2007 Swansea Bay Film Festival - Wales, UK - Official Selection
2007 New Jersey International Film Festival - New Jersey, USA - Official Selection
2007 The End of the Pier International Film Festival - West Sussex, UK - Official Selection
2007 Salento Fear Fest Horror Film Festival - Santa Maria di Leuca, Italy - Official Selection
2007 Pause and Play International Film Festival - Sharjah, United Arab Emirates - Official Selection
2007 Bare Bones International Film Festival - Oklahoma, USA - Official Selection
2007 CAMBOFEST: Film and Video Festival - Phnom Penh, Cambodia - Official Selection
2007 Everglades International Film Festival - Dargle, South Africa - Official Selection
2007 Flint Film Festival - Flint, USA - Official Selection


After narrowly avoiding death in a tragic accident, a young writer and musician from France named Hugo Durain, finds himself robbed of his ability to perform. He subsequently decides to take his life into his own hands. He moves to Quebec to become a filmmaker. While working nights as a school janitor, bizarre and unexplainable events begin to take place, leading him to a terrifying story hidden within the school walls. This is when everything changes and Hugo finds himself immersed in an ambiance of suspicion, intrigue, and fear. It is on the other side that the secret will be revealed.

PURE Film by Jim Donovan 2005 Opening Credits Song [collapse]

PURE: Just say yes...

Released: 2005
Duration: Feature
Directed By: Jim Donovan
Written By: Jim Donovan

Music Supervisor: Simon Wayland

MISHA Laura Jordan
JOSH Gianpaolo Venuta
ANGIE Karen Simpson
RICKY Robert Crooks
SAM Tim Rozon
MIKE Gage Pierre
SABRINA Abeille Gélinas
MC Michel Perron

Shown at:

2005 In theatres across Canada
2005 Rendez-Vous du Cinéma Québecois
2005 Director's Guild of America Finders Series - Los Angeles, USA
2005 Canadian Film Makers Festival - Toronto, Canada
2005 Calgary International Film Festival - Calgary, Canada

Pure has earned Jim Donovan a nomination for best direction in a feature film at the 2005 Director’s Guild of Canada Awards.


A group of young Montrealers seek, in their own limited ways, for the meaning of life, love, sex and friendship.

Misha is a street-smart college student who is torn between completing her degree and her party-girl past.  During her summer off in the suburbs she meets Josh, a sweet sensitive guy she instantly falls for.  Misha brings him along to the city to help her find an apartment, register for classes, and maybe a little more.

Josh’s quiet, introspective world is shaken when Misha’s quirky friends drag the new couple out for a dizzying night of dancing in after-hours clubs.  Misha’s ex-boyfriend, Sam, further lures her back into the party-girl life with promises of being on the inside track now that he’s a big time party promoter.

When class registration doesn’t quite go as planned, a disheartened Misha unwittingly finds herself having to choose in life and destiny.  Will she head back to class?  Or party her life away?  Can she follow her heart and choose what's best for her?

Jim Donovan – who began his career shooting music videos - has created a fast paced visual spectacle, as well as selecting a fantastic soundtrack featuring artists such as Ian Pooley, LSG, Mistress Barbara, Max Graham, Chromeo, Nuclear Ramjet, Suns of Arqua and Jan Pienkowski.

Manny Vol. 2 Film by Florence So 2005 Music / Sound Design / Mixing / Mastering / DOP [collapse]

Manny Vol. 2

Released: 2005
Duration: 4 min
Directed By: Florence So
Written By: Florence So

Cast: Manny. Magda Pienkowska, Steve Armstrong
Music, Sound Design, Mixing and Mastering: Jan Pienkowski
Director Of Photography: Jan Pienkowski


Jealousy… Electrocution… A window mannequin gets caught in a bizarre love triangle… Manny Vol. 2 is part 2 of a three-part series of mannequin stories. Pink Rubber Lady has always fantasized about making a film featuring mannequins. The beautiful mannequin in this film is supplied by Displetech in Ville St-Laurent.

© 2010 Jan Pienkowski