A composer, musician, DJ ,sound designer, physicist, and owner of ONO Records, Jan Pienkowski writes and performs music reflecting his diverse background. From his Electroacoustic training and love of World Music comes a mixture of mechanical bleeps, acoustic spaces and ethnic themes. His theatre, film and dance experience bring a flair for the dramatic, while Jan’s affection for techno and house keeps his DJ sets full of twisting turns and floor shaking grooves.


Jan’s performances and projects span North America, South America, Europe and Asia. He has played along side a long list of international and local artists including Anthony Rother, Akufen, Mateo Murphy, Pheek, Deepchild, Maus, Vincent Lemieux, Stephen Beaupre, Miguel Graca, Milimetrik, Naw, Sixtoo, Dandi Wind, and many many others, as well as playing at festivals such as Mutek, Elektra, Black & Blue, MEG, Quebec 400, Divers/Cité, Fantasia Film Festival, FNC, Montreal and Toronto’s Nuit Blanche, and many many more.


Jan’s productions have been featured on compilations with artists such as Misstress Barbara, LSG, Max Graham, Ian Pooley, Chromeo, Nuclear Ramjet, Mike Shannon, Mateo Murphy, Pheek and many others. On his own label ONO Records he has released an EP and a full length album and has been busy writing music for film, dance, audio-video installations and multichannel live shows.

Since 2004, Jan has been involved in the development of various projects at the Société des arts technologiques (SAT) in Montreal. Some of these projects include: SAT[MixSessions], SAT[osphère] and Domagaya, Cyclo, PropulseArt, as well as the SAT[Transform] school. Other projects also include A.R.M. with choreographer Nikolas Dixon, TechnOpera with the Opera of Montreal, ChinaMix with Beijing Opera singers, as well as the Robo/tek and WE ARE ROBOTS event series.

In 2009, Jan has been chosen by the British Council to be part of the Cultural Leadership International (CLI) initiative. The aim of the CLI project is to establish a growing network of individuals from all over the world and all artistic/cultural disciplines.

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